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  • Who will meet me at the start of the trip?
    No matter whether you are arriving to the airport on Day 1 or we are picking you up at a city hotel (in Barcelona for example) you’ll be met by one of our guides.
  • What kind of vehicles are used for transfers on this trip?
    Depending on group size, we use SUV’s, vans or minibuses
  • Can I skip any of the hikes if I need a rest day?
    No problem! If it’s a hiking day where we stay in the same hotel that night, you can just hang out in town and do your own thing. If we are hiking from point A to point B with new accommodations, you’ll need to ride in the vehicle that does the luggage transfer.
  • What kind of footwear should I wear for this trip?
    Proper hiking boots with a hiking-specific sole (Vibram or similar) at least mid-level ankle support are highly recommended. Trail “shoes” or cross-training shoes are NOT recommended. When buying boots, please tell your store expert that you’ll need footwear that can handle trails that are sometimes rocky (so the boots shouldn’t be too “soft”).
  • Do the hotels have swimming pools?
    Rarely do hotels in small villages where we stay in the Pyrenees have pools, although in rare cases they do. In this case, there are no pools.
  • What’s the minimum age for the trip?
    18 years
  • How high do we hike?
    The maximum elevation reached on hikes during this trip is around 2800 meters, but on most days, we are hiking at between 1500 and 2500 meters.
  • What is the weather like?
    Please see our weather page.
  • What clothing and equipment do I need?
    Please see our notes on Clothing and Equipment and our suggested packing list
  • What meals are included in your trip packages?
    We usually include all breakfasts (typically a generous buffet-style, with fruit, cereals, eggs, etc.) and about half the evening meals, leaving you to explore on other nights (guides will provide recommendations). For example, on arrival in a new location, dinner is almost always included at either the hotel or a local restaurant that night. We usually stay 2 or more nights in each location, so the next night you’d be on your own. On hiking trips (sleeping in hotels & inns) we rarely include lunch unless you specifically request it. Instead, you can go shopping in the local town for picnic ingredients or request the hotel prepare you a picnic lunch bag. If we have to arrange a picnic lunch bag, it will be the same thing for everyone. Over the years, we have seen that shopping for your own picnic gives you the most flexibility and freedom with regard to ingredients.
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