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Paragliding in Spain

Enjoy our year-round paragliding season

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Paragliding in Spain

Spain is a paraglider’s paradise!

Experience the joy of flying of one of the world’s premier paragliding destinations with us. We cater to all levels of pilots in the best locations around Spain and the Pyrenees.

Why Spain?

A year-round paragliding season

We fly regularly 10 months a year throughout the Peninsula, and 12 if we include the Canary Islands! Thanks to our geographical location, and the climatic differences between the north and the south, Spain can offer flight areas with good conditions at any time of year.

A huge variety of paragliding locations

In Spain we have more than 400 official takeoff points and countless mountains from which to fly after ascending them on foot.

A fun, welcoming, fascinating and beautiful land

We have a saying that “Spain is different”. The gastronomy, wines, culture and history of our country are closely linked to our concept of enjoyment of travel, so immersion in the Spanish way of life, as well as interaction with local pilots, is guaranteed!

Paragliding in Spain

Why Us?

Our experience and qualifications

We are paragliding pilots and instructors with more than 30 years of experience and we know practically all the flight areas in Spain. In addition, we are mountain guides who will facilitate the ascent if your chosen discipline is Hike and Fly.

Where you’ll fly

The range and options of our flying terrain is huge. Our pilot-guides can take you to spots internationally known for free flight, or remote peaks that only accessed on foot to fly down in search of a refreshing beer. You can fly next to high mountain massifs, green valleys coursed by mighty rivers, or next to the walls of medieval castles. Across amazing rock formations or above the waters of lakes or the sea. The choice is endless!

Our knowledge of local conditions

We’ll always take you to the best flight areas depending on the weather conditions. Every day our pilots evaluate the weather conditions and choose the best take-offs and flight zones to optimize your possibilities of flying during your stay.  

Transport support during flights

We provide vehicle-supported flight itineraries, with pick-ups on cross-country flights, and of course transport to and from take-offs and landings, as well as advice on local flight conditions.

Custom trip design and complete travel service

Our travel agency can arrange trips for as many days as you like and organize your entire stay including:

  • accommodations – choose from a wide variety of types

  • meals – we usually include breakfast with all accommodations, with lunch and dinner on a by-request basis, and depending on what kind of accommodations are used.

  • post-flight adventure sport activities (hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting etc.) or cultural excursions (museums, visits to historic sites, etc.) for you and your companions

  • transport to and from the nearest international airport if needed

Paragliding in Spain

When and Where?

In Winter

Andalusia in the south of Spain, is perfect, with flight areas such as Algodonales, El Yelmo and Vejer offering soaring and coastal flights that can operate year-round. The storm patterns or bad weather in winter are not excessively long in the south of Spain, and the mild thermals on sunny days are perfect for novice or progressive pilots.

In Spring and Autumn

We have a wealth of options, enabling us to maximize the possibilities of flying at this time of year when the thermals are pleasant and allow us to extend our time in the air. Sites in the vast central zone of Spain, such as Arcones, Piedrahita, and Pedro Bernardo; or in the Cantabrian mountain region in the north of Spain, at spots such as Larouco and Gistredo offer everything from gentle valley or hillside flights to exciting cross and thermal flights, or countless peaks for Hike & Fliers.

In Summer

This is the time of the great cross or distance flights in the Pyrenees or on the Castilian plains, with an infinity of options and different areas. Our prime summer area is known as the 4 Valleys of the Pyrenees, beginning with our base in Castejón de Sos. At the foot of the highest concentration of peaks of more than 3000m in the entire Pyrenees, Castejón is known worldwide for its magnificent conditions and facilities for flying. Our local environment there offers multiple options for Crossing and for ascents on foot and descent by flight (Hike and Fly). In the neighboring valleys, we have many magnificent areas that we’ll invite you to visit including Val Louron, Luchon and Accous in France; as well as Ager and Organyá in Lérida. We can organize stays combining these different areas according to the best weather conditions at any given time.

Paragliding in Spain

We’ll create a paragliding trip of a lifetime just for you!

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