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Enjoy our year-round rock climbing season

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Rock Climbing in Spain

“Spain is Climbingland. Period” 

(quote from a famous American climber…)

Why Climb in Spain?

A year-round climbing season

In Spain, our climate and geography create conditions where it’s possible to climb 365 days a year, often wearing just a T-shirt and shorts. Everything from short 1 pitch sport routes to long multi-pitch climbs of 1800m. All generally less than two hours from a relatively important and easily accessible city.

A huge variety of climbing locations

Not counting the massifs and high mountain climbs or big walls (all of which we have many to choose from), we have an extensive offering of more than 1000 climbing crags throughout the country.

A fun, welcoming, fascinating and beautiful land

We have a saying that “Spain is different”. The gastronomy, wines, culture and history of our country are closely linked to our concept of enjoyment of travel, so immersion in the Spanish way of life, as well as interaction with local climbers, is guaranteed!


Photo: Sergi Ricart @mountain.lights

Why Climb with Us?

Our experience and qualifications

We can cater to all levels of difficulty. If, instead of sport climbing, you want to do mountain or unbolted routes, long classic routes or simply prefer to be accompanied by a local guide, we provide you with qualified professionals to help you achieve your goals. All our guides and instructors are highly experienced and have internationally recognized certifications as Rock Climbing Instructors or Mountain guides as required by each activity.

Our Knowledge and Organizational Skills

We’ll give you advice and organize your stay so that you can enjoy the best possible climbing holidays! We can help you find just the right place to climb in Spain for you and your group, no matter what time of year you come, what kind of climbing you want to do, or what level of difficulty you want. In España so much variety is available and we’ll make sure you go to areas that suit your needs and desires

Where you can climb with us

Spain is 2nd most mountainous country in Europe (after Switzerland), and our mountain ranges are spread throughout the land, so it is very easy to find an area that suits your needs. The range and options are endless, ranging from the demanding routes of extreme adherence among the unique granite formations of La Pedriza; to the modern tuff and stalactite routes on limestone in areas such as Siurana, Margalef, Vilanova, Santa Linya, or La Mussara in Catalonia; Loja, Archidona El Chorro or Villanueva del Rosario in Andalusia; Riglos, Rodellar or Alquézar in the shadow of the imposing Aragonese Pyrenees; or Sa Gubia, Alaró and the fabulous rock arch of Es Pontas in Mallorca.

Transport support during climbs

We provide vehicle-supported climbing itineraries, as well as advice on local weather conditions.

Custom trip design and complete travel service

Our travel agency can arrange trips for as many days as you like and organize your entire stay including:

  • accommodations – choose from a wide variety of types

  • meals – we usually include breakfast with all accommodations, with lunch and dinner on a by-request basis, and depending on what kind of accommodations are used.

  • other adventure sport activities (hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, paragliding, etc.) or cultural excursions (museums, visits to historic sites, etc.) for you and your companions

  • transport to and from the nearest international airport if needed

When and Where?

In Winter

Valencia and Alicante Provinces in the south of Spain is perfect, bathed by the nearby Mediterranean Sea. In particular the Costa Blanca region, with a multitude of offerings from sport climbing crags to long multi-pitch routes on massive rock faces. Internationally known areas such as Puig Campana,  Peñón de Ifach, Sella and are just a tiny selection available in this rock-climbing paradise.

Of course, Winter is a great time to climb in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands or visit some of Catalonia's many famous sport climbing crags such as Siurana, Margalef, Vilanova, Santa Linya, or La Mussara. 

In Spring and Autumn

In addition to all the winter areas, we can also add La Pedriza for adherence climbing of all levels near Madrid with its surreal granite formations.

For challenging sport routes, a must is a visit to the internationally famous locations of Rodellar and Alquézar in Huesca Province in the Pyrenees.  Not far away are is imposing conglomerate rock towers of Mallos de Riglos in the foothills of the Aragonese Pyrenees, on the bucket-list of any serious multi-pitch climber.

In late Spring and early Autumn one can enjoy great multi-pitch climbing on the superb granite of Los Galayos and El Torozo in the Sierra de Gredos in Central Spain, just a couple of hours from Madrid.

In Summer

This is the season to be in the Pyrenees, with a true plethora of options in many locations for climbers of all styles and levels on excellent rock ranging from conglomerate to granite to limestone.

We’ll create a climbing trip of a lifetime just for you!

If you want to do other things during your trip, mix a day of climbing with other adventure activities or interests to create a varied itinerary.
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